International Colloquium
Date: 20 & 21 April 2017
Location: KU Leuven, Campus Brussels

This colloquium aims to shed light on the ideological aspects of (the) cultural transfer(s) between Germany and Belgium, drawing on cases from literature, theatre, music, visual arts, photography and film. This can involve transfer in the broadest sense, encompassing ‘intersemiotic’ adaptation and representation, but also instances of cultural mediation (for example: lectures, group exhibitions, cultural trips, etc.) carried out by individuals or institutions. Similarly, studies of transfer can involve the channels influencing target-culture reception, which were closely monitored and censored during the occupation, including publishers, cinemas, theatres, secondary schools, universities, and the various bodies established by the occupying forces themselves for the spreading of German culture in Belgium and the spreading of Belgian culture in Germany, respectively.

The call for papers is available in English or in German.